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Jaipur which is also known as a pink city is a city in the northwestern part of India. It is renowned for its education system in India. The government of Rajasthan made a lot of efforts to make its education system better across the country.

When people talk about Rajasthan, people always think about deserts, camels, etc. If you draw a picture of mountains, cars, and shopping malls all around, a busy city life, then Jaipur is exactly the same. A busy city with development all around and it is much better than any other place in the country.

Jaipur is home to many educational institutions like State/Private Schools, Universities, and few renowned Engineering and Management colleges. It has always been an education hub for students across the country. The student from Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and of course other parts of Rajasthan contribute to the student population in Jaipur city. The city has 50% of the student population from other parts of the country.

Rajasthan with about seven crores of the population has given several industrialists and professionals to the country. To further increase the potential of its people, the Government of Rajasthan clearly laid the vision to create 15 lakh jobs in the coming 5 years. Along with that, the govt. of Rajasthan has the vision to accelerate the growth rate in the state by 10% to 12%. People from all over the country going to Jaipur for their studies, today it has become an education hub for the students.

If you are searching for a good education system, then there cannot be a place better than Jaipur. A place where there is no political disturbance and a place to give you a busy life when you need it. Jaipur is a place that would give you the country's heritage to enjoy any time you need. It is a place which would give you the most comfortable evening for studies, the mountains and the lakes for a relaxing tour.

School life is one of the most crucial and important phases in any student's life. Because schools work as a staircase for a kid to take the steps of life, it is the most vital task to select the Best English medium school in Sanganer, Jaipur.

With Rahul MA SHIKSHA SANSTHAN SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL, the faculty are empowered to make decisions backed by the administration. In our School, a level of trust grows that allows for better innovations and more effective teaching. We also do stress parental involvement. It is the school's job to pull parents in and help them understand what they can do for their children. The more a school involves parents, the better students will perform.

Many parents want to know what's going in their child’s class but they have no clue how to do this. We conduct a regular parent-teacher meeting by which parents can know how their child is performing. Our school is more concerned with cultural practices than pedagogical practices.

We conduct various exercises where students can think critically–about issues of human interest, curiosity, artistry, craft, legacy, husbandry, agriculture, and more. We also believe in project-based learning by which students love doing projects even more. Our school moves gifted students as far as they move struggling students.

We have a supportive community where the teachers and students collaborate and focus on achieving better learning. Hence, it is also free from negative behaviors like bullying and harassment. Instead of serving punishment as a means to discipline the students, our school focuses on preventing student misbehaviors by implementing discipline. For Example, let the students do social work or community service for a certain period of time.

Rahul MA SHIKSHA SANSTHAN SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL is the best English medium school in Sanganer, Jaipur