Mr. GOVIND SAINI(Director)

Dear Students & Well Wishers,

The main objective of our school is to impart education amidst the right environment and state of the art facilities through proper channels. We understand that parents want to give their best of everything to their children. They want to see their child grow physically emotionally intellectually. The initial steps are taken at home and the society too has a lasting impression on the child's mind. The school education takes this basic learning process further and prepares the child for his / her carrier objectives

So the role of the teacher will be that of a facilitator or guide who should be able to provide the right kind of learning experience and environment to children. Through active interaction to develop the basic skill of observation, collection of information, and drawing of inferences and conclusions to enable them to learner their own.

The teacher has an important role in promoting aspects other then. Just the intellectual development in his students. The teacher should plan activities for students that will make them learn to work and play to get her to foster the spirit of sharing and co-operation. The teacher's positive attitude towards the children would encourage the emotional aspect and motivate them to further achievements. We welcome your suggestions to continually upgrade our facilities, remember your child deserves the best and we are here to shape his / her future.


Sonam Saini(Principle)


Dear Students & Well Wishers,                                                

The Rahul Ma Shikshan Sansthan welcomes all the aspiring students and their parents to a new world of innovation and technological thinking. 

The world is changing at a very fast pace and it, therefore, become imperative to keep up with its rapidly evolving and dynamic state. Our school has been funded with the vision to produce leaders of tomorrow and committed to providing core Indian values to its students.

Every one of us has dreams of making our children self confident&self esteemed in my education. They are the mother, father, and the primary teacher.

The education system has to be multidimensional. The delivery of quality teachers the teacher has to be committed. A person who loved teaching and children and also be equipped with all the knowledge required for effective teaching. The self-esteem of the teacher must be high i.e. he/she must have the quality to become a role model for the children.