Pre Primary School

This part of the school occupies the most attractive part of the campus. This specific area is surrounded by green plants and lush lawns. The colorful play equipment adds to the delight of every child. Here students are given every opportunity to enhance and develop their full potential to their age and this is all done by encouraging their natural urge to learn and explore their boundaries which are provided through natural surroundings and spontaneous situations and activities in an innovative approach. We believe that life is to be experienced, enjoyed, and loved. Thus leading to a positive attitude towards life.


Nursery School in Jaipur


Primary School

The primary school focuses on various areas for all-round development of your child and those are:-

  • Mathematics

  • Languages(English, Hindi)

  • Science

  • Aesthetics(art & craft, dance, music,)

  • Social Education

  • Physical education



Nursery School in Jaipur

Middle School

The middle school program promotes an integrated approach through cross-curricular links with a wide range of subjects, nurtures communication and high order thinking skills, promotes responsible and caring citizenship through the study of the environment, and community service.

Promote understanding of the importance of conservation through making the right lifestyle choices.

Instill aesthetic sense and appreciation of art and creativity.

The program accentuates the way subjects inter-relate and promotes a holistic view of knowledge. Students are encouraged to explore cross-curricular links through creative learning and the development of effective study skills.


Nursery School in Jaipur

High School

In this program, we teach all the subjects that are given by the CBSE board. The subjects are as follows:-

  • Humanities

  • Science

  • Commerce

  • English core

  • Physical Education

  • Computers

Nursery School in Jaipur