Co-Scholastic Activities



Children of today's generation are not too interested in playing sports that make them do the effort, they tend to play more on mobiles and tabs rather than playing outside games like Kho Kho, basketball, football, cricket, etc. Sports and fitness is a crucial part of any child at this age, he/she should play sports which are good for their health and fitness. We try to fulfill this by organizing several games period and encourage students to play more outdoor sports so that they can become tough and smart as well. Playing outdoor games increases your stamina, metabolism and make you clever as well, which are the important things that today's students are lacking in.


Cultural Events at RSS


Music, Dance, Drama, Art & Craft

Cultural events like music, dance, drama, arts, and craft are not just a fun thing to do but also a part of skill development and finding the student's interest in the field as well. That is why here at RSS we organize a lot of cultural events to embrace our students and finding their path to futures, as your field of interest is only been known if you have tried a lot of different things and that is what we believe in too. We have specialized teachers and faculties who teach and guide our students in their respective fields and help them to grow better and better every day