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We at RSS focuses on put facilities of school. We focus on our classes too, as clean classes provide clean environment which is good for students health and as well as good for concentrating in studies. Each batch have a seperate classroom with a size of 50 students in a class so that the teachers can   focus on each and every student personally. We have tried to create a healthy environment for our children. 







Creating a studies environment and make our students learn the latest things are our main focus in RSS.  We have several computer rooms with latest desktops and softwares installed, so that we can give our students the beat experience they deserve and can relate their practices in real life as well. Computers are well maintained and get rooms are big enough for every student in the class.

Computer Room

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Dance & Music Rooms

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Other than education we at RSS also give a great preference to Dance and Music as it makes the students a better person. We tend to develop their skills here and try to enhance them as well. We believe dancing and music is very important in a student's life. Here in RSS we have all types of instruments that are required for the given skill and we try to bring each and every type of equipments required.







Art and culture is also very important for a student as to expore his/her fields of interest so here we try to help them explore their interest of fields and try to provide as much opportunities as possible. In todays world as things are changing so we tend to change as well that is why we want to embrace this field of interest as well.

Art Room

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