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Secondary education is in most countries responsible for the development of young children. It is the most rapid phase of their mental, physical, and emotional growth. At this very education level, where values and attitudes formed at primary school are more firmly ingrained along with the gain of knowledge and skills.

Secondary Education has two categories as follows:-

Lower Secondary...

Lower Secondary education show these criteria:

 Upper Secondary…

 Upper secondary education is likely to show these criteria:

Senior secondary school consists of various subjects. But the most common subjects are Science, Maths, Commerce, and Humanities.


1. Role of Science In Education:

We are surrounded by technology and the products made by science in everyday life. Public policy decisions that affect every form of our lives are based on scientific evidence. And, of course, the immensely complex natural world that surrounds us illustrates infinite scientific approaches. As children grow up in a scientifically technological world, they need to be scientifically literate. Hence, teaching scientific methods to the students is guiding them on how to think, learn, and solve problems. These skills are essential to every aspect of a student’s education and life, from school to career. With Science and Maths Schools in Jaipur, students can learn new dimensions of education at RAHUL MA SHIKSHA SANSTHAN SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL.

2. Role of Arts & Humanities in Education:-

In order to create change, first students should learn to create. Just like adults because they are still developing their own identities, young people turn to respond to the arts to help them understand and communicate ideas, viewpoints, and emotions. In such a way, arts propagate creative thinking which leads to other skills such as problem-solving which benefits students across disciplines. Arts education plays an essential role also in developing creative abilities among students of all levels, without limiting it to those who aspire to be writers or artists. Our present economy depends and thrives on innovation and creating new ways of thinking about the world. This is exactly what arts education incubates young people who develop the skill to imagine the world differently through creative practice. With Humanities & Arts School in Jaipur, students can learn creative ways to make the world change.

3. Role of Commerce in education:-

Commerce Education covers several fields of education and research in various aspects of the business environment. It includes Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Commercial and Business Law, etc. Commerce education can be easily said that it is helpful for one's life. Commerce education is useful for all professionals. Along with that, a professional lawyer, doctor, an engineer can be profited from commerce education. Commerce education is a type of training which, while playing its part in the attainment of the general goals of education of any given level, has for its primary purpose the preparation of people to enter upon a business. Or we can say that having entered upon such a career, to render more efficient service therein and to advance from their present employment level to higher. Commerce Education in the field of education enhances the knowledge, attitudes, and skills for the successful heading of Trade, Commerce and Industry. Commerce education also serves socio-economic growth in any country or any region. The level of speed at which commerce education is currently expanding is in itself evidence to its growing acceptance as a source of development of skill. With Commerce Schools in Jaipur, Students can develop their skills in the commerce field.

With Senior Secondary School in Jaipur, Students can opt for any of these subjects as per their choice.